We decide our destiny

One of the most important lessons that life has taught me is that , only we are responsible for our own happiness, and the day we give the key to our happiness in someone else’s hand ,we will  be disappointed . Somewhere in our heart we all know this , but we still end up ignoring this fact ….because we believe that we have found the one who will not turn out to be like all the others , like all the ones who broke your innocent lil heart and left you when you had nothing left to offer , because all that you had , was so much more than they could accept or respect!  ….(and it isnt really our fault that we trusted them to be different). But there are so many of us who still are brave enough to get back up and collect all the shattered pieces and put it all back together , hoping that one day , they will meet someone who will see all the love that they have to offer , but with time most of us are tired of waiting . Some of us just pretend to be like those who hurt them , so that they dont have to go through all of that pain all over agin , while some of us simply never give up!!!

We all have our reasons to  choose the path we have taken , but somewhere through all of these struggles we forget to love ourselves . We forget that our love for our own selves , sets the bar for any other love that comes our way , we forget that we need to stop being so harsh on ourselves.

It is at these times that we need to remember that we have to be our own heroes. There are enough people out there to pull us down , thus,  we have to learn to get back up and fight , we have to be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you happy , and find things that keep you sane,  fight for what you believe in , fight for what you think is right ,  , fight to find your own peace ! because if you wont , then who will ….. ?

And the day we learn to fight ,is the day we achieve the power and strength to write our own destiny.  Just be patient , because battles are not won overnight , and in that process is when we will learn to live, to breathe , and be able to take ourselves to places we never even imagined, and it is in that moment that we will learn to love ourselves , we will learn to let go of emotions and feelings that no longer help us grow and finally understand that only we hold the power to change our lives and make it BEAUTIFUL!


SO , keep your head high and chin up! and never ever let that smile fade away,because i promise ….. one day HAPPINESS will find you!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š 
With lots of love ,

The hopeless optimist ๐ŸŒŒ


The smile that you see :)

I’ve always been asked about why I am always so happy, what is it that always keeps me smiling and laughing….,why is it that I am always running around , talking to everyone, how is it that I always have something to say at all times, and the questions go on!! 

I have myself wondered at these questions in amazement! I sometimes think that ,why is it so difficult for us to now truly smile? Why can’t we just take a break and just live in the present? Just breathe ! 

I know it’s not easy! But it’s certainly not impossible, Nothingโ€‹ really is .because everyone around us is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Its all about perception according to me, And all about wether we are looking towards or away from the bright side. And the best example for this are 5 year olds, and animals . I don’t think there is anyone who knows how to live in the moment better than them!!  They truly are my biggest inspiration.
I have my bad days too, days when I have to drag my self out of bed and to work, when I can barely smile… But at these times I think about all that I have and I am taking for granted. There are so many people out there who wish for the everything that we are presently taking for granted.That is when I thank God for blessing me with all that I have , and those are the times when I take one day at a time, where all that really matters is the present moment . It truly is very important for me to surround myself with happy people,and for that I have make the effort to try n atleast make some people smile. To be able to make them feel better atleast for a lil while. I know it sounds a lil selfish, but as long as I see happy faces around me , I shall be able to smile and laugh as well! And that is the answer to all the questions that I am asked ….. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Now that you have taken the time to read through my first blog, please take a second to smile ….Coz you are truly a beautiful soul and you deserve all the peace and happiness and if not anything else , smile because it certainly will make me very happyโ€‹  ๐Ÿ˜‰